2013 Jim McEntee Legacy Scholarship Recipients

In 2013 we awarded ten $1500 scholarships, including two to previous recipients. We are grateful to our many donors, particularly the Castillo Family Foundation, whose generosity enabled us to increase the number of scholarships and the dollar amount of each award. See photos from our 2013 scholarship fundraiser. Browse our 2013 scholarship fundraiser program (including a list of donors).




DIANA BUSTAMANTE is a second year recipient of the Jim McEntee Legacy Scholarship.  Diana is studying at San Jose State University and is pursuing a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Management Information.  Diana is looking forward to both helping her family & community and to serving as a role model for other Latinas. Diana says, “I feel blessed to have the opportunity to meet wonderful people and I also feel motivated to continue working very hard.”


TOMMY STATKIEWICZ is another second year recipient of the Jim McEntee Legacy Scholarship.  Tommy is studying at UC Berkeley to become an educator.  An advocate for transgender tudents, Tommy wants to foster educational opportunities and sharpen math skills for all underserved students, especially homeless LGBTQ and other minority youth. Tommy says, “I feel blessed to be selected a second year. This last year at UC Berkeley has been full of challenges and opportunities that have been life altering. Thank you for contributing to my dreams.”


VICTOR GONZALEZ graduated from San Jose City College and was accepted to UC Santa Cruz. Victor plans to major in Cultural Anthropology and use his education to become a strong advocate for the community and for youth growing up in poverty. Victor says, “I feel appreciative for this opportunity and I’m honored to have been one of the few to have been chosen.”


ALHELI LAMAS graduated from San Jose City College and was accepted to UC Davis. Alheli plans to pursue an education to become a successful dentist so that she is able to provide the highest quality, low-cost dental services to low income communities, especially the Latino community. Alheli says, “Receiving this scholarship makes me feel appreciated and also shows that my hard work has paid off despite all the struggles and obstacles I have faced.”


RUBY LUNA graduated from San Jose City College as was accepted to Santa Clara University. Ruby plans to study business in order to support her own family and help them and others in low income communities learn how to improve financially. Ruby says, “I have a hope to fulfill my dreams of receiving a higher education. Many people didn’t believe I could make it this far but thanks to this scholarship I am able to prove them wrong.”



PHUONG NGAN K. NGUYEN graduated from San Jose City College and was accepted to San Jose State University. Phuong plans to major in Business Administrawtion and looks forward to using her education to support women to improve their lives. Phuong says, “I would like to thank your scholarship committee for giving me this wonderful oportunity. I really feel happy because of your support. It encourages me to try harder not only in my study but also in being a useful person in society.”


QUYNH MINH NGUYEN graduated from Foothill College and was accepted to the University of Minnesota. Quynh aspires to become an engineering physicist and an advocate for “social progress” in the community. Quynh says “I am very much honored to receive the scholarship. I am encouraged to do better and bear the spirit of the scholarship.”

Viviane Nguyen graduated from De Anza College and was accepted to UC Berkeley. Viviane aspires to public office and public service and especially wants to be a role model and advocate for women and the Vietnamese community. Viviane says, “I am full of gratitude and humility for this opportunity that makes my goals tangible. To honor Mr McEntee’s commitment to education and community service, I will continue my education in hopes of becoming a civil servant. My personal mission is to alleviate inequalities between people of different socioeconomic classes.


JUDY SAMSON graduated from San Jose City College and was accepted to San Jose State University. Judy plans to obtain a BS in Health Sciences focusing on Health Services Administration and wants to help others pursue their aspirations and improve their lives. Judy says, “I feel fortunate and blessed that I’m able to receive this scholarship.”


VAN T VU graduated from Mission College and has been accepted at UC Berkeley.  Van is majoring in bio engineering and plans to obtain both a PhD and medical degree. She is passionate about community service and ultimately wants to make a difference in people’s lives by becoming a surgeon. Van says, “This has been a great experience for me. I feel so fortunate being a recipient of the scholarship. This helped me decide whether I could take summer school because the tuition is really expensive.”

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